Trying E-Commerce…

Dropshipping in High School


I feel as though everyone has a false idea of what dropshipping or e-commerce in general is like. Everyone has run across at least three accounts of people who travel the world for FREE. At least, that is what they say. Of course, you want to know how, so you look at their page and you stalk them a little and they tell you about how they run an e-commerce sight and that is the key to their amazing lifestyle. “You can take your business anywhere as long as you have your laptop.”

Here is the catch though, to learn more about how you too can have this lifestyle you can watch their course on how to start a successful e-commerce business. You buy the course for $10. Seems like a worthwhile investment until you watch the course and you realize, they are speaking another language. You do some more research, and by some more I mean days of research. You pay for that course you watched, maybe even a couple more starting courses. Then you pay for a hosting sight such as Shopify or WIX because you have to have your sight on some kind of platform.

From there, you create your website and you go through a couple plug-ins such as Oberlo to make your e-commerce business completely dropshipping. You source products from companies like Aliexpress, and then you pay more money to see how your products will look in person.

Now, you have spent about $150, days and days creating a logo, website, and setting up the social media accounts, and you think it is finally time to let your business go live. You have done everything those other people told you to do which means soon you will be a success, traveling the world just like them.

Yeah, that is what I thought too.

Your first week goes by; only a couple people have checked out your social media pages and your grandma is the only one who has bought anything. Time to go back and rewatch those courses you spent some money on hoping you missed something. Aha, you forgot about advertising. The instructors or influencers mention Facebook ads quite a lot, and with this you have finally found the catch to their amazing lifestyle.

You have to have money to make money unfortunately.

It costs hundreds of dollars a month to advertise and see a profit roll in when you’re first starting out. Maybe once you start to get a good following you can start to slow down your advertisements, but until then it’s all time and money. I spent a lot of time creating the ads and then put all my savings into running them for no real outcome. With that, I had to stop because working a part-time job could not fund what I needed to in order to be successful with Stabpact V.1.

A Stabpact T-Shirt (Yes, seen on other sights)

Dropshipping Attempt #2 in College

Fail #2.

About a year after my first experience in e-commerce and dropshipping I decided to take a second go at it. This time with a friend. I already knew all there was to know and spent a good amount of time teaching my friend. We went 50/50 on all advertising and luckily, I still had everything set up from Stabpact V.1.

I was much more successful this time around. I had a little more money to play with and was able to learn some newer advertising techniques. We gained about 1K followers within the first month and had a set posting schedule. By having another hand I was able to interact with more costumers and fill orders faster.

Downfalls this go around:

– Shipping time was incredibly too long and unreliable, no one wants their order weeks later

– We had no set protocol for unhappy customers

– Advertising was still expensive

– Our products were cheap

– No originality

At the end of the day, we could have kept going and improved as we went but when COVID-19 hit we had to stop because our incomes stopped. We decided to focus on school and our actual jobs.

I never did hit the travel all the time lifestyle, but I will say, Stabpact V.2 helped me figure out what major I was truly interested in: Advertising.

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